PowerBI Cloud tips and tricks. Details about how to create a more efficient PowerBI reporting structure for your organisation. How to combine PowerBI Data Gateways, PowerBI Dataflows, and your Datamart to create a secure more efficient PowerBI reporting experience.

Overview and use case scenarios for various PowerBI tools to enable a smooth and secure PowerBI reporting strategy across your organisation.

What to do with PowerBI Dataflows, and what are the added benefits of distributing access to your organisation Datamart through the use of PowerBI Dataflows.

Use the PowerBI Cloud and leverage all its features to enable secure and GDPR compliant data access across your organisation’s MI/BI teams.

Use PowerBI Pro to create a flexible and secure reporting structure that provides access to all your data sources and allows your MI/BI teams to efficiently collaborate and create interactive reports that can be shared with users in a secure and safe environment.

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PowerBI reports from your Datamart

PowerBI reports from your Datamart PowerBI started as a simple reporting tool distributed by Microsoft through it’s popular Office 365 service only a few years back. I remember the early days, when functionality was basic without much distribution capability available. However, with the latest additions like PowerBI Dataflows, Data Gateways, and dozens of additional connectors,…